Pop Chart Lab Custom Framing

Pop Chart Lab Custom Framing

Pop Chart Lab is proud to present our first framed print option!

Our prints look great naked, but these veritable poster-pants lend an extra layer of awesomeness for display on your living room, dining room, and wreck room walls.

Handcrafted (with love) in Brooklyn, NY at 3rd Ward By Seven36 Fine Woodworking LLC. These babies are solid poplar with a smooth matte black laquer finish. All contain spline miter joints for a sturdy skeleton and the utmost structural integrity, and are pre-fitted with keyholes for easy hanging and installation. Please allow an additional week of processing time for framed prints.

Available now for our 18 x 24 and 24 x 36 prints, and coming soon for our 27 x 39 prints.

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