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Pop Chart makes infographic posters about everything from literature
, to alcohol
, to sports
, to nature
, to music
, to TV
, to movies
, to comics
, to gaming
, to fashion
, to architecture
, to coffee
, to cameras
, to graphic design
, to maps
, to technology
, to sentence diagrams
of opening lines of notable novels, to cheese
, to beer
yaaaaaaayyyy to sharks
, to skyscrapers
, to soccer
, to space travel
, to specifically crewed space travel
, to wine
, to beer again
, to dogs
, to cats
, to birds
, to Jay-Z
, to jersey the werewolf form of Michael J Fox wore in "Teen Wolf",
to Broadway costumes
, to notable water towers found in NYC
, to lighthouses found in the NE
, to beer one more time
, to Nicolas-Cage-centric explanations of the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
, unfortunately not the TV show "Dinosaurs" (yet), to British boy wizards
, to typography
, to Icelandic ponies
, to cow-milk-cheese
, to to that's right BEER AGAIN
, to flowers
, to Apple products
, to actual apples
, along with a billion other to fruits and veggies
, to American housing styles
, to bicycles
, to those old-timey bicycles with the huge front wheel
, to the good ol' periodic table
, to a periodic table of rappers
, to cocktail recipes pulled from film and literature
, to guitars
, to jobs we think animals would hold were they capable of getting jobs
, to pasta
, to fish
, to every emoji ever
, to the illustrated cast of "Coming to America" simply because we really like that movie
, to flags
, to tools
, to sneakers
, to baseball
, to whiskey
, to a show about nothing
, and yadda, yadda, yadda.
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